There are 3 ways to Be the HOPE for a student or family!


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Throughout our lives, most of us can look back and pinpoint specific teachers, coaches, family members, or other caring adults that made a significant impact on our lives.  Many of those relationships played a huge role in determining the course of our lives, and even who we are today. If you think about it, almost all of the at-risk population that are not thriving, have had very limited access to something outside of their vulnerable environment.  

The bottom line is regardless of the specifics (low wages, government subsidy dependency, drugs/alcohol addiction, academic failure, etc.), the common denominators for individuals/families that are not thriving come down to a gap in life skills, inadequate networking capacity, lack of training, or past/present experiences that have not been properly addressed.  They simply do not have the necessary knowledge, tools, and/or training to excel.  The first step in closing this gap is to introduce the idea that God has an amazing plan and purpose for their life. Secondly, help them realize there is more to life than what they have experienced or been taught, and that they have the capacity to be live beyond their past experiences and current circumstances.