For stu???????????????????dents and families, Arc of Hope provides The Friends for Life Program  which connects the family with others to form a 3-way partnership.  This important partnership includes the individual/family, a trained Life Coach Coordinator, and a Life Coach Mentor Group. 


The individual/family begins to learn and practice necessary life and social skills, build healthy relationships, obtain adequate education/training to earn higher wages, work through any major barriers or setbacks, improve in one or more areas of well-being, and continues to become the person they were created to be and a productive member of society.

The Life Coach Coordinator works with the individual/family to discover and set goals, create an action plan, connect them with the right resources, possibly provide reasonable subsidies on a declining basis, help overcome barriers or setbacks, and proactively track and measure results throughout their journey to sustainable success. 

The Life Coach Mentor Group surrounds the family in much the same way that extended family or close friends surround one another.  Their purpose is to be a positive role model, share in life’s celebrations and setbacks, provide practical support, leverage their circle of influence, and encourage and empower the individual/family to live beyond their current circumstances. 

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